Monday, September 15, 2014

Subject to Indictment?

Reading through Dorothy Tetro's post one cannot help but wonder how these guys can get away with this and not be subject to indictment? You know this can not be made up.

In the first place Dorothy Tetro was the Treasurer for the years following when all this was going on. She was aware of what was happening, but had no authority to change anything.

So we go back to the Israel/Black years and I see contracts signed without Delegate Votes I see pseudo contracts signed with the signature on a separate page and the contract itself on another. And of course the constant stream of half truths and misdirection from both Israel and Black.

And to top it all off, the road job stinks. No body is happy and everybody wants a change. Eventually the roads will have to be repaired, early,  and we,  the Residents are going to have to pay, and pay, and pay....

Right now we can only hope the repair needs come later rather then earlier.

The least we can do is Get rid of Israel, whether by recall or term limits. When he goes, Black and some of his strongest supports will follow. At least then we  can get serious about putting money away for the big repairs that are coming, And stop wasting the money on "campus wide Wi-Fi", cameras and putting  camera output on to the Internet and who knows what else.

We have to start NOW!

Recall or Term Limits NOW!!

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