Monday, January 25, 2016

Honorable dishonorable people

To all those honorable people in Century Village

The idiomatic phrase, “Death Before Dishonor,”  is supposed to have originated with Julius Caesar These very words are believed to have been the subtext of orders issued by Julius Caesar as he sent his legions into battle.  In the world we live in now’ this phrase translates into the idea that a  person saying it would rather die than suffer any insults to his or her honor. It also means that an honorable man would, under the most stressful situations, maintain their dignity regardless of how many “slings and arrows” are aimed at them. 
When Marc Anthony, observed at the funeral service for Julius Caesar, that Caesar was an “honorable man,”  he was being sarcastic.  Based on your posting on Dave Israel’s blog, I know that your defense of Dave as a person of dignity lacked any tinge of sarcasm.  
To use an analogy to explain my point here, when two people look at the same image, such as the sun sinking over the horizon one observer can be thrilled at the final blaze of natures assault to their senses and the other observers mundane remark can be, “well its getting dark.”  I think that your friendship with Dave has clouded your ability to be objective.
Fairness and human dignity is the open window through which pours the sunlight of honesty and mutual respect.  Well lets examine this open window and let some light shine on some of Dave’s honorable characteristics.
You know, and everyone else that has read the UCO Bylaws and accepted the traditions that it had established, that a UCO president would serve no more than two consecutive terms in office.  Dave knew this and yet he ran for office for a third term, and now he wants a fourth term.  Dave is an “honorable man.”
When Phyllis Richland declared that she was tossing her hat in the ring to run for the presidency of UCO, Dave the “honorable man” began to set in motion his Machiavellian schemes to derail her bid for office.
As you are quite aware, that Dave, the “honorable man”  schemed with WPRF to end the time honored tradition here in the Village, to have the candidates, for any UCO position, use the club house and pool areas for meet and greet socials with the residents.  We all know why Dave did this! He wants to be UCO president.  By any definition of a “fairness doctrine,” this does not even pass the smell test for fair play.
Quality of a person’s actions determines  the level of esteem that a person earns in the society in which they live. 
When Phyllis Richland,  displayed her campaign banner on the synagogue on Haverhill Road,  the so called “honorable man”  ran, did not walk, to the county Code Enforcement bureau and filed a complaint to have it removed. This “honorable man” did not even have the courage to use his own name when filing the complaint.  Then when Olga displayed the courage of an “honorable person,” and placed the banner on her building, this so called “honorable man” again used code enforcement to have the banner removed.  Just to remind you of his excuse for his action, he said that placing the banner on the synagogue was sacrilegious.  When reacting to the banner being displayed on Olga’s building, he called it  “eye pollution.”  Which term is more accurate ? Blasphemous or “sniping.”
Yes, Molly, Dave is an “honorable man.”
Your refer to the Century Village Messenger and the other blogs as “scurrilous fantasy” publications.     What is really insulting, is the lack of decency that Dave exhibits at the Delegate Assembly meetings when he insults people with his little asides, such as “serve food and they will vote,” and reacting to the many people who were wearing red T-Shirts that this was a meeting of the “Comintern.”  While we are at it, how about you Molly.? Are you an honorable person?  You sit on your end of the dais and relish the power you have when you slam the gavel down when a speaker’s two minutes are up.  Did you know that there is a smile on your face when you do this?  Are you an “honorable person?”  or just a conspirator?
You refer to the fact that it is disgusting to read trash about one’s self on the blog or the CV Messenger.  Well one persons trash is another persons editorial insight.  You say “pototto” and I say potato.”
Why don’t you find out how many volunteers our “honorable leader” has fired from UCO since he has held the reigns of his fiefdom.  Not only were they fired but some of the epithets that he used during his tirades was certainly not “honorable” at all.
Just two more items.  Phyllis placed a full page ad in the UCO Reporter for publication in  the February edition.  She was told it was going to placed on page B3.  The proof page was clearly marked B3.  I was sitting at the table looking at the proof page.  We were told by Joy Vestal that it would be placed on B3.  Well it was not!.  We found it toward the end of second section.  So much for “honorable people.”   Talk about mutual respect.  Wow!
Finally,  can anyone explain why a man in a black Lexus would be driving around at night looking at the cat walk in Salsbury?

Well Molly, we all agree that dignity and honor has to be earned otherwise it becomes a cheap reward that is meaningless. 
I have seen very little from this UCO administration to give it a thumbs up.  This is not sarcasm. “BAZINGA.”


  1. Joy Vestal proved again that she is a chronic liar who cannot be trusted under any circumstances. Phyllis deserves a FREE full-page ad in the next issue of the UCO Reporter.

  2. Oh, by the way, a promise is a legally binding contract where money is involved.