Sunday, February 28, 2016

What changes can you expect form the new UCO #2

The election of Ed Grossman as Treasurer will mark a new a progressive change to the UCO Treasury. He is a Licensed and Registered CPA in Florida and New york. That is good.

What can we expect from the new and experienced CPA?

For starters, he has promised more transparency.

He has promised separation of the Reserve funds into separate accounts. This was always the way these accounts were handled in the past.

Mr. Grossman has many ideas as to how to take advantage of some the ways we could raise money, one of which is with advertising on the Buses.

He also has a plan to cut costs on our paid audits. We have 2 other experienced and trained bookkeeper and Accountant that are offering (Volunteering) to conduct audits. This will reduce the auditing necessary by the outside vendor, and in doing so save us some money.

All in all, the future looks good and bright with the new UCO administration.

All of you, the Delegates, have to do is Vote for Ed Grossman and Bring in Phyllis Richland for President.

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