Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Rebuttal to the Publisher of The Village Sentry CV Boca Raton

From the desk of Neil J. Moore.

To Fred Hadley Publisher of The Village Sentry CVW
In response to the article, you posted on David Israel's blog from  Century Village Boca Raton.

We sympathize with your plight as noted in your video. But the praise you heap on David Israel is not based on reality.
Is there any action from the two politicos who you begged for help? if so, it would be nice to see their response to your complaint.

I noticed in your video that you question your President quite vigorously and demanded answers to some concerns. I can say that would never happen here in West Palm CV, You would be shouted down, declared out of order, the microphone would be shut down you would be  threatened with arrest and finally relegated to the ranks of the Malcontents (David Israel's favorite label for those who ask the hard questions. ) If you have any doubt check out our website and view our video of "bad behavior in the village " (you tube ) and. www.centuryvillagemessengerclub.com.
FYI David Israel was read the riot act by Palm Beach County Sheriffs office for threatening to have people removed from delegates assemblies  by his demanding cry  CALL 911. CALL 911 when he didn't like what he was hearing. That's also recorded and posted on the internet, Israel cut it out after the Messenger Club sent a letter to the Sheriff objecting to it and the Sheriff gave him a spanking for it.

You are under a misconception that CV West Palm beach is governed  in a fair and above-board manner because committee meetings are recorded and posted on the internet. What you fail to understand is that D. Israel is a bit more clever than you think, Take a look at the meetings and it is glaringly apparent that the committee members are generally, all the same people on just about every committee and the votes on the issues echo David Israel's wishes. In other words ...THE COMMITTEES ARE STACKED WITH CRONIES ... check out the votes on the issues where the zombie committee members hold up their hands in a choreographed display. Get it? If that's not enough to satisfy you, take a look at David Israel's record of dismissing volunteers from committees who don't go along, and his consistent refusing to install willing, qualified and experienced volunteers on those same committees due to their opposition to his personal whims. Do you get it yet? Further proof of what we are saying can be seen in the video of the Insurance Committee meeting where Toni Salometti, a very good and dedicated volunteer, had a meltdown over David Israel's interference in her selection of one of David Israel's sworn enemies (Esther Sutofsky). The issue was so contentious that Toni resigned her position after serving for a number of years and performing admirably. In fact, she was given credit for saving the village millions of dollars in insurance fees.  Or how about the operations committee where the recording secretary resigned because she objected to David Israel's attempt to subvert the process then insulted her personally, causing her to pack up her kit and leave.
You obviously are uninformed about the situation at channel 63. It is totally controlled by Joy Vestal and Ed Black. You can see them at every committee meeting. They recently refused to air a harmless video concerning a book club because they don't like the person appearing in the video. The two people who produced the video and produced a series of entertaining shows featuring Cv Residents quit in protest of this blatant unreasonable censorship. Others who tried to work with the channel to produce entertainment also quit over the unreasonable and unfair attitude of the committee chair, who also happens to be the Co-Editor of The UCO reporter. And by the way, you should also be informed that the blog where you posted your congratulations is David Israels personal domain. He got rid of the website owned by CV and controls everything posted there. Needless to say, criticism and objections are nowhere to be seen.

  As for being open and transparent take a look at the video of the delegates assembly where David Israel grudgingly agreed to allow a resident,  practicing, licensed CPA to conduct a free audit of the books. David Israel refused to allow a motion to be considered on this and promised that the CPA would be welcome to attend the UCO offices and perform any audit he likes. A couple of days later the CPA arrived at the office and was refused access to the records. How's that for a "gold standard" Do you get it yet? There's more! Read The CV Messenger for  the details that are not apparent.

  What is troubling is that you identify yourself as the editor of a newspaper representing the residents of CV Boca Raton. What newspaper is that? We would like to subscribe, We can't find it anywhere.  You can read our newspaper, The CV Messenger, posted on the same website noted above and distributed in print throughout the village. What we can find is references to an email newsletter being published from the Boca Raton computer club. Is this the same newsletter that was warned by lawyer Merola to cease and desist using the Century Village name?  It looks like they are saying you can't use the name because you don't really represent Century Village. It would be nice to clarify your status. It would also be nice if you checked your facts to make sure they are based on reality before sending messages of congratulation.  Reading between the lines it looks like you are trying to make your administration look bad by making our administration look good, We get it!

It seems you do have some problems with your administration and we are sorry for you for that. Their actions in precluding attendance by residents at committee meetings is not kosher. What should be realized is that D. Israel seems to be a little more clever about the way he does things,  Committee meetings are conducted in a tiny room where attendees are compelled to wait in the lobby until summoned  and are forced to speak to their issues while standing shoulder to shoulder around the room. Then have to move on to allow others who have issues to enter. The results are pretty much the same as not allowing anyone into the room.  We get it, and you should be getting it by now!
It would be fair if you published this article in your "newspaper" we will be publishing your comments in ours. We would be happy to send copies of our newspaper, The CV Messenger, for distribution in CV Boca. How about sending us some copies of yours for distribution here? Be aware that you will not be permitted to place your newspaper in the clubhouse alongside the UCO Reporter and the Jewish Journal. David Israel won't allow it. If you try to distribute it by hand they will try to shut you down as documented in another video posted on our website entitled "A Sting In Century Village" (You Tube )Watch that one and then decide whether or not you want to send more congratulations for a gold standard administration.
The Messenger Club is responding to your article in the hopes that you could be set straight, We know there's problems in Boca. We got that. We would be more than happy to assist you in resolving them. We hope you get it about the reality of CVWPB and if you are interested in helping us resolve our issues we would have to welcome you to the ranks of "The Malcontents" first. If you really want to get up to snuff you should visit Gary Olman's blog: myvillageblogger.blogspot.com  I would suggest you read through it before judging CV West Palm Beach.

Neil J Moore. Editor The CV Messenger
Edward R Grossman  CPA.  Managing Editor The CV Messenger.

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  1. Your narrative of what happens at West Palm CV reminds me how Newth Gardens Condominium Association, Inc., of Boca Raton runs the meetings and responds to criticisms. The Florida Statutes and the Condominium Bylaws are generally ignored and if the HOA is challenged they resort to attorneys that we end up paying. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation is not of much use because either their jurisdiction is limited or they bend over backward to side with the HOA.
    There are millions of people in Florida that reside in condominiums and homeowners associations, why not create a State wide site where owners can vent their frustrations and report abuse or worse. I am willing to engage in that effort but I would need the guidance of people like Messrs. Moore, Grossman, Hadley, etc. to start.

    Walter Sidley