Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We have the Cart before the Horse

It just seems to me that the present relationship between UCO and the Associations is backwards. The original setup was for UCO to be the buying arm of a United Associations and to put all our buying needs into one package. This would, in effect gives us a strength when buying, issuing contracts, etc.

But that was the original setup, to-day we don't have that. What we have is the reverse. UCO is the Head of the Associations, makes all the decisions and we obey.

That is backwards, that is the cart before the horse, the tail is wagging the dog, that is stupid and wrong.

We must do something to change this back.

What we need is Owners Bill of Rights. What we need is a set of rules that is acceptable to all of us and puts UCO in the right position for what was intended, for what we wanted it to be.

The President of UCO should not be dictating to the Associations, and by inference have WPRF also dictating how we are to act in our Clubhouse. That's right I said OUR clubhouse. We are the sole tenant, we pay all the bills, but we have no say in how the Clubhouse is run.

That is wrong.

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  1. Gary,
    Grace Macklin is starting to curse like a trooper. I deleted it.
    Shame on you Gracie.