Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Messenger club Party, John McCain, and Donald Trump

So the Messenger Club's Memorial Day Services and Party was attended well and was a big success. Missing were the nasties from the David Israel contingent. Actually only 3 people were  present, apparently petty politics holds over showing respect for our warriors, alive and otherwise.

There was music and dancing. The music was provided by singers, dancing mostly by the ladies. The dancing was good and enjoyable.

I will tell you this, the AC was fine, but once it got going it was too cold to be wearing shorts. I was told that Israel wanted to stop this event, but he couldn't, so he did the next best thing he ordered the AC on freeze.

Now, listening to the Donald Trump.  Remember he called McCain a coward for getting caught. If asked how does he feel about John McCain, To-day he says he is a great man and one of our heroes. Flip-flop!

Further on Mr,. Trump,we must remember that he is a counter puncher. If you don't want to be beat up stay away from him. Of course, another way to look at it is that he is a school yard bully.


  1. So happy that it turned out well and sorry I could not be there, but was traveling and got in too late to attend. Honoring the vets among us, those who fought for what we all hold dear, is a responsibility we all have. Too bad others in the Village allow their petty feelings to get in the way. There are times that even the worst of enemies share a cause and work together. Too bad some people cannot see past their noses.

  2. Sorry I was unable to attend, however I too,heard it was enjoyed by many...As for those individual's who cannot get past their prejudice's, who made no attempt to honour those who gave their all, for Our Freedom, I consider them to be Non Existant......their day will come! Thanks to all at the Messenger Club....