Thursday, June 30, 2016

Deju Vue again and over again

Some info from Myron Solomon

Around 7 years ago when UCO was negotiating a contract with Comcast George Lowenstein was President of UCO. He asked me to go on the Cable committee.Dave Israel was the Chairman of the Committee. The reason he asked me to serve was that he knew I was good at negotiating and that he didn't feel comfortable  with Dave Israel and Ed Black negotiating without me.

When I went to a meeting I was told there were 2 companies that wanted to negotiate for us with Comcast and that their fee was 25% on what they saved us. I wouldn't believe my ears and I told Dave Israel I would like to talk to the 2 companies  about reducing that fee.

He told me "it was written in stone" and that they would not change it. I told him that still would like to talk to them, that when I was in business I always negotiated with the factories, Unions, and people and that there was always room when it came to money. Only one of the companies was there, so I went into a corner and started talking. He came down to 22 1/2 %. I told him no good. The next day George Lowenstein got a call from the other Company, which was CSI and they offered him a deal at 20%. George made an appointment with CSI for a little more talking. He asked me to attend a meeting with himself, Dorothy Tetro, me and CSI. After a couple of hours, I finally got them down to 15%. The stone had crumbled. I wanted a separate deal on the doorway fee but was out voted. I didn't see any savings on the monthly fee either. They took the deal over my objections and it cost UCO around $300,000.

UCO hired a lawyer to check out the contract with Comcast. The lawyer told UCO he would have done the whole deal for $50,000.

We paid CSI $330,000 approx. and we saved nothing on the contract.

So what is it going to cost this time around?

Now I see on the UCO Reporter he wants CSI to negotiate for Broadband for the Village, which we don't want or need.

I offered to pay for a lie detector test regarding the Paving contract so that all questions could finally be answered by David Israel, Ed Black and Roger Carver. I'll include the Cable contract they did with CSI.

Waiting for an answer, Didn't get one yet.

Myron Solomon

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  1. Would like to hear Lanny Howe's take on this but don't expect it as he is too much of a lackey and coward.