Tuesday, June 14, 2016

There is no Gun Control.

It doesn't make sense. Why do we, as citizens, need an AR-15, or 16 or even a 17? Why do we need automatic or semi-automatic weapons: These weapons are designed and built for the killing of people, a lot of people. So, why do we need them? The NRA says we need them to protect ourselves, protect from whom? From what? The NRA says the 2nd amendment says that we are allowed a well-regulated militia. Was the shooter in Orlando using his AR-15 part of a well -regulated militia? What is so regulated about letting most Citizens obtain a semi-automatic?

And. I do not think that there is a reason for anybody to have or own a semi-automatic of a fully-automatic firearm.

I think the Gun Lobby, the NRA, is paranoid over losing their freedoms and so they fight to keep the ability to buy a semi-automatic gun. Does that make any sense? NO!!

It is ridiculous!

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