Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What is going on here?

Deja Vue all over again

At the negotiation for the last Comcast Contract. Your friend and mine, Dave Israel, had worked out a deal with CSI to have them go over our dealings with Comcast and see if they could save us any money. The Vice Presidents at that time agreed to try instead of CSI  except that Israel said the deal was impossible to change. "It was set in stone." The VP tried anyway. They ended up savings us about 10% of the charge, which at that time went from 25% of the savings to 15% of the savings. So that was a lot of money, then and now, since we are talking in the $100,000 range

So. now we are at the same spot with negotiating about the Cable contract. Now the price is going up. So, I have some questions. First, why do we need CSI? We have a bid committee. We have a operations committee, and if called for, we have plenty of knowledgeable help.  So if Israel feels that this is over his head then why not asked for the help in the Village?

Why throw all this money away?

It further seems to me that Israel started with NO business experience and has learned none since. It seems that the Rotund writer to Israels Newspaper has found all the help he needed right here is CV.  So why can't we?

And what about the 10-year length of this contract. The successful bidder is unhappy that they might have to pay for the investment to put the wires into our Village. This investment, on their part, will result in years of profit. So why do we have to pay for it? This is another example of the lack of business acumen by the Great One.

It's Coming!!

The Blue-Green algae that is bad for us is coming. It is in the treasure Coast and it is beginning to alarm the residents and the State is looking into it. So as it moves South it will arrive here.

So what is being done by our Administrators? Exactly what is WPRF and Israel doing about this? Are they aware of the threat to our health?

The least they could do is post signs about No Fishing. But that will not be enough. So what are the brilliant administrators doing before it is too late?


  1. I just read Lanny's comment on the other blog. No Lanny, Gary is not bonkers, you are! There are people here in the village who know just as much as David but unfortunately its David's way or the highway. Stop being such a lackey. People are entitled to their opinions and should not be put down because they do not agree with Mr. Israel. Think about it before you call people names.

  2. Lanny,
    I also read your comment on David's blog. First, sorry you don't read Esther's blog. It is well written and makes people think. Be that as it may, let me remind you who negotiated the comcastcontract _David. It was George Loewenstein who appointed him even after the vile comments he made about George when heran against him. Too badbDavid cannot follow George's example and have all sides discuss issues rather than his yes people. better yet why not have an opposition column in the UCO REPORTER so both sides of an issue can be discussed. just because David wants somethingdoes notmean he has to get it. Lanny think for yourself and stop dengrating people who do not agree with you