Saturday, July 30, 2016

Some thoughts

I know that the people that own the cloud storage, that is Google, Microsoft and others are claiming that your files can not be lost.

But wait they can. They can be deleted without warning and with no recourse by the Cloud's owners, and without a credible reason!

This has been done with the Blog administrated by Dennis Cooper and called the DC Blog. The entire history of this considerable blog has disappeared and there appears to be no recourse, See this NYT article. Click here

Here are some remarks by Bette lee Bleckman.

Regarding "Taxi Service" provided by Village Resident's.

Please be advised unless the individuals are registered with the County and are properly insured, I would be hesitant to use their service, for should an accident occur, what type of coverage would you have?

Secondly, With regards to any Appointee to The Executive Board, strongly suggest one investigate their prior involvement in the Community, such as committee's, etc., they have served on. There have been some individuals who agreed to serve on Committee's, however, never appeared nor informed any member they would not be in attendance, on one or more occasion I had one individual, who had initially agreed to serve on a particular committee, however never appeared at any of the several meetings held. We need committed individuals, not ones that will only attend when an issue , (usually brought up by the President, who of course has the ability to appoint anyone he chooses to support his actions) so once more think carefully, before you cast your Associations' vote.

Thank you one & all...

Bettie Lee Bleckman

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  1. Many people in CV are too cheap to use regular taxis, so the guy in the beat up blue minivan gets $5 for a trip to Publix. Oy vey!