Sunday, August 28, 2016

A renters reply to Stu Richland's Condo Owners Bill of Rights article

Written and Posted by Neil Moore

Re the postings from Stu  Richland about Condo owners bill of rights: I think he is missing the boat on one important aspect. He writes about condo owners rights but neglects to mention Condo residents rights. Should the rights afforded the owners not be extended to any and all residents? The simple, but important rights Americans enjoy are in many instances left outside the gate of a community like Century Village. The community is actually a private business, what goes on here , and in many communities, is dictated by the owners. Non-owners would be left in the dust if a bill of rights is established for condo owners only. 

An important aspect of the rights of residents concerns the right to opt out paying recreational fees. There are instances of residents who are not interested, or are unable to use  the facilities and would rather not pay dues. The way things are at the moment: EVERYONE in CV.  IS COMPELLED TO PAY "CLUB DUES" whether they use the facilities or not. I can understand being compelled to pay for buses or security or other necessities, But recreation fees ? In the real world, we can choose to buy into gymnasiums or spend money on recreation. Not so in Century Village, You have to "join the club" whether you like it or not.A recent court ruling may change that, The court ruled in favor of a plaintiff who didn't want to "join the club" in his community.

Then there's the right to vote. Across America, voting rights are universal and are not predicated on the notion of land ownership.A growing segment of the population in Cv are disenfranchised by the "owners only " rule. It;s an absurd idea that just because a person does not own property they have no stake in the community.

There are other questions regarding the bill of rights issue. Topping the list is a UNIVERSAL BILL OF RIGHTS that encompasses all residents of Century Village.


  1. My point of view...I would prefer "A non-rental Community" for a variety of reasons.which we all are familiar with.... Our R&R's are violated..demands for additional outside transportation, lack of support for our Theater, in some cases allowing additional occupants, who have not been investigated..and so on... To my knowledge our Community was not "Set Up" to be an Apartment Complex..

  2. Century Village is a concept that provides a certain active lifestyle for retirees. The recreational facilities are part and parcel of that concept. If people are allowed to opt out, then the participants would have to pony up higher monthy fees, or the facilities could be terminated with a resultant loss in property value for all.

    When people come into Century Village, they sign off on the concept and agree to participate through montly fees regardless of their use of the facilities. That is what condo living is all about: what's best for the whole - not the individual.

    I live on the 4th floor in Century Village Boca. If an elevator repair assessment is voted on, for example, ALL must pay - even folks on the ground floor that never get in the elevator. If a roof assessment is authorized, even lower floors are obligated to pay.

    This is the rule of the condo game. Go along or opt out of communal living and buy a private house.

  3. The inference here is that only the renters break the rules, demand extra transportation. don't support the theater, and allow unauthorized occupants. Really ! does this mean that owners do none this? How absurd! I rented for years . I didn't break any rules, nor allow unauthorized occupants and I did enjoy theater shows on many occasions and I have my own car.