Friday, October 21, 2016

Extricating oneself from self made lies.

I never wanted to be involved with a reality show. I never wanted to be involved with a reality show that was about Donald Trump's narcissist self, see the 3rd debate,

If I was given a choice, which I wasn't, I would elect to pass on Trumps Reality show.

I have heard enough of the lies that say that all Mexicans are Rapists, that Hillary should be locked up for Criminal behavior, that nowhere are the lies, that are promulgated by D.Trump, are they announced as being lies, unfair and unjust.

So it seems to me that the farther down that Trump falls, the more he lies, the bigger the lies, the more he tries to extricate himself from his self-made entanglements.

He can not.

Just what lies are e talking about? Well, you can bet your bippy that it is not about JTT.But it is.

Here is my short list.

1. That the shooting attempt at the Synagogue did not happen.

2. That the Broadband plan promulgated by Israel is good for the Village.

3. That David Israel does not see enemies at every corner.

4. That the Administration of CVWPB is a friendly place, peopled by friendly people.

5. That the money being raised for the Roads, Clubhouse AC and Lifts for Hasting will not be a raise in our payments.

6. The Administrations plan for Broadband is better than anything that is currently under consideration.

I could go on and on with this list, but suffice it to say that I have touched on the high points.  At least those points that will cost us the most money.


  1. You and Esther should both go back to living in the past. You don't want to spend a penny on any improvements because it is David Israel who is promoting it. You don't give a damn about the village.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Grace. But you are wrong, again. We do not live in the past. We are passionate about the services thaqt we get in CV and we see that the aim of Israel is to do all possible to get Israel's stock up and what the Village thinks about Israel's work. Non of what I see is about the good of the Village, but rather it is the Good of David Israel.

  3. Hey Gracie,
    If we did not want to spend any money on improvements, why did we Wi-Fi our building in order for us to pay $6.25 rather than the enormous amount David wants us to pay.
    So Gracie, it's time to put up or shut up.
    OH, and Gary pays only $5.25. So there, eat your heard out.