Thursday, February 23, 2017

I am not interested in responding, but...

I was amazed to see Bob Rivera's comments posted on David Israel's blog. I am not interested in responding to his allegations about me as I don't think my personal affairs ar any of his business.

However, I would like to comment on his postings in general.
He went to great lengths to find some issue that he could use to advantage in his campaign to discredit me. 

He published the details of a residence in Royal palm Beach registered in the same name I possess. he apparently spent some effort in searching the databases for something,  finding a house registered to my name is the best he could do.  Whether or not this home is owned by me is neither here nor there. But the fact that he would go to those lengths and publish those details on David Israel's blog is a pretty good indication of the underhanded tactics he and David Israel employ.

Further postings suggest that I don't even bother paying rent. That is an unfounded and scurrilous allegation. His belief that only property owners have a stake in the village harks back to a period in American history when elections were dominated by male landowners. Concepts that are antiquated, outdated and overthrown long ago. 

Does Mr. Rivera believe that the same principle of exclusion should be practiced in federal and State elections? One would have to think so in digesting his stated position on the matter.

               I don't think that I have to explain my reasons for renting a unit rather than purchasing. Suffice to say that my time of the last few years has been divided between relaxing in Florida and working in Canada, My last project in Canada lasted for just over a year, during that time I continued to be involved in CV matters as I have always been a proponent of civil rights, and fair treatment for all. My conscience would never permit me to turn my back on the commitment I made to my friends and neighbors in Century Village. whether i am here or somewhere else.

Mr.Rivera and all residents of the village can rest assured that I fully intend to continue my efforts to bring truth to light in Century village no matter the slings and arrows of the misguided.

Neil J.Moore


  1. I wholly agree with Bob Rivera, who is Neil Moore living in Canada to write anything about what goes on here in Century Village. I guess you need detractors Gary and you have many!!!

    1. This rule should, to most of the writters for the NYTimes as well as oter well know newspspers. They may not live in the area of publishing but their opinion is still valued.

    2. In case you didn't know about it Grace. There is such a thing as freedom of the press and the RIGHT to free speech.Someone needs to write about the truth of whats going on around here.You should try it.

  2. Who ever said Neil doesn't live here? If he shouldn't comment nor write, then neither should the snowbirds, because they also don't live here. They come here for 6 months or less each year. Are people not entitled to leave the community they live in for a period of time? At one time I was a renter of a home in NJ for about 3 years. I often took vacations away from the home I rented. I guess that took away my rights to comment about where I lived, according to Grace. Insane!!