Thursday, February 9, 2017

I think a question needs to be brought up... Why is Ed Grossman, a delegate and NOT an officer or committee member (that I am aware of) calling anyone and trying to negotiate ANYTHING for the village? HE IS NOT AN ELECTED OFFICIAL and therefore has absolutely no authority to call anyone and try to negotiate anything. He should be reprimanded for doing so.
It is the job of the ELECTED officials of the United Civic Organization of Century Village.  The reason for UCO existing is to negotiate the best possible contracts for the village. THAT is the function and purpose of UCO..... Bob Rivera.

In response to this posting :
. Ed Grossman is a delegate. That means he is a member of the Board of Directors for Century Village. That makes him one of David Israel's supervisors. A delegate is in fact an officer. And he is elected to that position by his association.And as President of his association, it is his DUTY to ensure that his constituents are getting a fair shake . Ed isn't trying to negotiate anything. Calling comcast had the effect of bringing them back to the table so THEY could negotiate a better deal. They had been closed out and their initial proposal had been rejected. If no one spoke up then Century Village would be voting on The Atlantic Broadband proposal at the March Delegates assembly.
 Does anyone think that a resident needs to seek authority from anyone to make a phone call. It's a free country, anyone is free to call anyone they like, and as for reprimands, Who is going to dish out the reprimand? who has that authority? If any reprimands are to be dished out, David Israel should be reprimanded for continuing to pursue his dream of WIFI when the assembly said NO! Further to this he should be reprimanded for signing a huge contract with CSI without getting authority from the delegates ( Ed Grossman included ) and for not seeking competitive bids for the service.

I have to agree that it is the job of UCO to negotiate the best contracts on behalf of the residents, but  when they continue to pursue an initiative that the Delegates already voted down, and when any officer of UCO steps out of the bounds of their authority to the tune of almost half a million dollars, and by doing so  neglect their fiduciary duties,  then it is prudent for any director to take action


  1. Bob,
    Do you enjoy the freedom of being allowed to post on this blog. If so, remember that David Israel refuses to allow me, Ed, Gary, Esther, or anyone who opposes him to post on his blog. If you for a moment think that this is an appropriate action for a president of UCO, you need you have your head examined.
    Gary's response to you is one hundred percent on the money.
    You fought for the freedom of your country, yet you deny that very same privilege to people who oppose your view. SHAME ON YOU BOB.

  2. Why would David Israel want to work with someone who was disruptive and out to block everything that he did. Would you or anyone else????
    I guess you won't print this as you don't want to see the truth.

    1. Hey Gracie, why won,t anyone not want to have more than one bid on a fifty five million dollar contract.
      Time to get you brain out of you ass - it,s getting rusty.

  3. Grace: Even Enemies work together for the good of the Majority, however we have a twisted minded individual who cannot accept this concept..I have worked with people, I would not socialize with, however in a business setting ( which this is), all contributions should be considered. We all know this will never happen, as long as the current President remains.

  4. Since when is anyone blocking EVERYTHING David Israel does? and since when is questioning or asking for explanations being disruptive?