Thursday, June 8, 2017


We talk about President Donald Trump every day and it's not very nice
the things we say, read and hear, and perhaps the bloody truth.  Some
people might even say, for instance, that he could screw up a two-car
funeral, even if there was one car.  And, even others might say that he
couldn't find his own rear end with two hands and a GPS.  But, I think
that one thing he is trying to do is clean up the Washington Old Buddy's
Club.  It's all about money, money and money, -- and power, power and
more power, with egos built in.

Let's just throw out one true story of how the Old Buddy's Club works,
and because of money and power, nobody dares talk about it.  How the
Iranians got their nuclear deal.  Very interesting......did you ever wonder
how the Iranians got their nuclear deal from Obama via Secretary of
State John Kerry?  Well, look who is married to John Kerry's daughter.
Who knew?  Surprise!  Did you see anything in the news media regarding
this?  In 2009, the daughter of Secretary of State John Kerry (Dr. Vanessa
Bradford Kerry), married an Iranian physician named Dr. Brian Vale Nahed.
No mainstream media reported this.  Guess who was the best man at the
wedding?  None other than Mohammed Javad Zarif.  Who is Zarif?  He
is current minister of foreign affairs for Iran.  He was Kerry's chief
counterpart in the nuclear deal negotiations.  So, Kerry was dealing with
his daughter's father-in-law.  Cozy 'eh?

Can you say "conflict of interest" and "breach of national security" and
"aiding and abetting" one of our principal National Enemies?

Please share this, while noting how the media seems to have withheld
this rather significant news from the American people.  Try this on, ----
keep the story, but switch the Kerry/Trump names and you'd have every-
one in Washington wanting to take trump out back and set him afire, and
the media would have enough hot news for the next couple of years.

Trump is too incompetent to understand his own incompetence, but he is
sure shaking the tree pretty hard to try and get the politicians with umpteen
millions and power to listen to the American people.  Interestingly enough,
Obama knew about Kerry and so did Clinton......members of the Washington
Old Buddy's Club, with secrecy fences higher than the one Trump wants to
build.  450 billion dollars down the tubes and false promises.

Poor Trump, -- if he wasn't so ill-informed about his own policies, and if he
didn't trample on his own talking points, he might turn out to be just a skosh
better than corrupt Nixon.  But, Trump is not a member of the Washington
Old Buddy's Club; he's a self-appointed President of the Big Business
Authoritarian Club.

Now, just think if Senator John Kerry was successful in his run for President.
The Iranians would have everyone here speaking Farsi and all men with
their heads on the floor sniffing like hound dogs and praying three times a
day to Allah.  And, if Hillary Clinton was elected President,.....I don't even
want to go there..... it's too shameful.

If Trump could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of his
troubles, he wouldn't sit for a week.  He needs to join the Club of which
Kerry belonged where everybody with money and power protect everyone
else with money and power no matter what.  And, if a politician talks about
it with evil intent,  --  he is forever shunned.

So, simply put, Kerry becomes family to Iran and sells us down the river,
and Obama (a Club member), has to agree with Kerry for moronic reasons,
but that scenario becomes complex because the Kerry/Obama/Iran picture
cannot include Israel.  Thus, Obama's stance toward Israel is devastating.

Don't you just love America?


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