Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Oh, the pompousness of it all!

Oh, the pompousness of it all!! What a pompous ass! Yes indeed, the man is a legend - in his own mind! The writing of a piece of paper and calling it a White Paper. What, does this compare to a statement of policy by the State Department, written with a great many pages or a highly technical and/or awaited paper of policy from the British Foreign Ministry?
 So what is this? This is a piece of paper drawn up by David Israel which contains the very same information stated by Ed Grossman at the previous Delegate Assembly. For daring to state the truth, he had the honor and privilege of being screamed at - literally - by David Israel sitting there on his high horse on the stage, and called a LIAR!! Telling lies. Following that, we had the ugly picture or sight of David Israel screaming and shouting for Security!! Call PBSO!! So frightened is the man for his safety and why? Because he was caught once again in telling lies or in omitting the truth and allowing the anger at being caught to overpower his own brakes?
   So let us examine this "white paper' in all its glory. First why is it here? Well, it was tabled at the last DA to wait till we have more delegates here as it is a major issue that should be voted on by more than a handful of delegates. But then again, that is how David gets his way, by using the scarce ranks of delegates as his go to tool. He did that with term limits as well as other items so here he is again. He is intending to bring this up again on Friday and has so said at a committee meeting.
   Back to the paper. Forced to tell the truth, he now admits that there is value to the building and even though he has tried to disguise it as rebuilding costs, it is actually listed as depreciation value but the man can never stay on the path of truth, can he? And there are all sorts of points that are better than that of the shed, that empty gutted shed in the backwaters of the Village. That little shed of 1274 square feet is alternatively supposed to be for the Rag, for the studio, for AB, has a lack of parking spaces, needs to take up some of the already limited parking with some kind of a hut or shelter for the infinite copies of a paper that few read, but anyhow - that is the story there. So a tad cramped, yes!!! Oh and do not forget that there are trucks from Seacrest that now park there right by their own building.
   Notice that the value is less than the CV building. Notice that once again the truth of the Camden business comes out that once again we are on the hook to fix it all up on our dime even as Levy once again takes the value and the profit as we fix his property. However, it is still cheaper than the alternatives. But wait, there are yet other questions. The Camden building is already done, being painted as we speak, so where and how is that figure arrived at and where is that contract that states all this. As usual, another contract without the delegates being clued in. Another David deed. But let's look at them.
   Camden. Maybe. Telling CV to move out of the Village and we replace the building and WPRF keeps the shed. Maybe. But why would we have to replace the building? There are many other realtors who are busy selling the units. Schechter will not stop this profitable business of his but in any case, he is not the only outlet we have. As far as the building is concerned, I have recently been in there and I noticed no floors sagging or squeaking and so what if they squeak? I smelled no mold and if it were so bad, the workers could and would not stay there or perhaps we should check that out by having code enforcement and the health department come check it out and oops, find yet more lies? A possibility indeed.
   Replacing the building. As I said why replace and why now. We have other issues to take care of first. And another temporary or prefab? What, so it could go merrily rolling along in case of strong hurricanes and I wonder why if this is so bad why it remained in place in wind storms? Hmmmm.
   Finally ,we are told that all this will be done and borne by the Levy family business but quite frankly, every time we are told about a contract by David Israel, there are clauses he keeps secret or adds on after approval. I would like to see that contract already worked out as he so stated in committee and I would like to have that signed in front of everyone after double checking the contract that nothing was changed. And as for the need to find room for the so called paper? Who cares!!! Put it in the Treasurer's office since no one is there or in Bob Marshall's office as he is not there or let them join David in his office as they shill for him anyway!
  White Paper indeed. Pomposity personified and truth be damned again.
Esther Sutofsky

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