Monday, November 6, 2017


Another scandal in Century Village has just been exposed by Eduardo.We added it to the rest of his articles published on our website. To read all about the latest scandal read Scandals #10A . 
click here to read it and weep! If you haven't read any of the SCANDALS SERIES  get ready for a shocking expose of underhanded deals and secret meetings that are costing you and every CV owner millions of dollars. If you have read the articles you don't want to miss this one .


  1. What scandal Eduardo? Isn't your name Ed Ross??? What is the Eduardo? Everyone knows you are Ed Ross!!! Goes with the crap you write.

  2. Is your name ANONYMOUS or SCHMUCK? When you hide behind your name
    then everything you write is considered to be written by a real schmuck with earlaps and not worth reading. Everyone in CV and elsewhere knows that Eduardo is Ed Ross and the reasons for the pen name, -- except schmucks like you.

    And, if you think that the SCANDALS SERIES is crap, then you really need to have your frigg'n head examined by one of the CV crooks. You really should think about going to the Dale Carnegie School For Writing Anonymous Crap for a schmucks greater education.

    Aren't you the Anonymous character who said that everything David Israel wrote and every wicked thing that Ed Black did in the back room was also crap....wasn't that you?

    Okay, Schmuck, see ya. EDWARD J. ROSS