Monday, November 27, 2017

The problem, I think, is that the President obfuscate the facts. This  coverage is for pre-existing conditions, but,  the State can ask for change. Viola, change in an effect!

What if Trump is really working for the Russians. What if his job is to sow discord within the US? What if he really works for the Russian? Remember the Manchurian Candidate.

We had spies in our memories, lots of them. It is not so far-fetched.

Fiona the hippo has captured the hearts and minds of the Zoo going public in Cincinnati. Here's a picture of her hamming it up with her mother

Oscar Pistorius's 6-year prison sentence was more than doubled by a South African court. He was convicted of killing his girlfriend in 2013.

BANGKOK — A chemical spill that devastated the coast of central Vietnam last year claimed another casualty on Monday when a 22-year-old blogger was sentenced to seven years in prison for posting reports on the disaster.

I know a  President who would like to do this.

About sexually harassment of our women:-

How Far Does This Have to Go?
Now that they’ve got the ball rolling, it would probably be easier to identify the few men who HAVE NOT sexually harassed a woman in the workplace or in public or private.
I wonder how far this has to go before proper behavior will be expected. Should a line be drawn? Like from today on you all will be fired for your bad behavior.....because in the end 99% of all men will be guilty of some form of sexual harassment from the maintenance guy on up to the president.

Actual rules and policies need to be created to differentiate between actual harassment, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and “oh, he made me uncomfortable.” — DE, Tucson

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