Thursday, October 2, 2014

NYC Subway

The Wellington Federation has a little thing going on. It is should we update the East Pool to the equal of the west pool? or not.

This argument is a lot like the fight over the subway lines in NYC
Views on Subway Work Offer a New East-West Divide".

Some of the federation say no, some say yes and some so what?

In the meantime the East Pool looks and feels like a 3rd world pool. Certainly not up to the standards of the West Pool, and not even close to the standards of the WPRF pools.

The argument against the upgrading of the East pool is that no body swims there. The counter to that argument is the ambiance is a turn off, the temperature, for most of the year,  is too cold for anybody except Penguins.

I think the same effort that is put into the West pool, into the WPRF pools, should be put into the East Pool. Anything less is a shame.


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  1. It seems only fair that it is the responsibility of the Wellington Federation to maintain BOTH POOLS to the same standard. If the people who are in charge of the Federation fail in their duties, they should be removed.