Monday, March 14, 2016


I happen to glance at the blog of which I am prohibited from making as a posting.

Lanny Howe wrote a mini-narrative of my posting which appeared on Gary's Blog, in reference to the spitballs lobbed back and forth regarding Eduardo & Rivera attacks and counterattacks that got very personal. My considered opinion in that regard is that you can criticize up and down and all around, and even swear a bit if you're really angry.

After all, of 7,854 unit owners in CV, there may be 4,000 different opinions. But, and the "but" is BIG, --- the bitter argument or huge difference of opinion should never, yes, NEVER, get PERSONAL. Because instead of spitballs you'd be talking about baseball bats.

Lanny, if you happen to read this, --- you may have too much to say (opinion), but you're one of the good guys because you come from the only state in the country that has sensible people --- the great state of Massachusetts. Uh--oh, those New York/New Jersey people with the funny accents are going to come after me.

I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad time eating steamed clams, and it sidelined you for 5 days, but surely you can't say that you "....haven't dared try them again -- at any restaurant." It's like saying the Red Sox got beaten today by the St. Louis Browns 29 to 2 and I'm never going to see them play ever again!.

I took one of my daughters to McMenamy's Seafood in Brockton and after she went through the steamers using about 50 napkins and staining her blouse, she was ready to also eat the shells.

The restaurant has gone down a little bit, but it's still 100 times better than anything we have in

southern Florida. Oh, I'm dying here just thinking about that place. Oooops, I just dribbled on my American Legion shirt thinking about steamed clams, B I G ones.

Sorry to drift away, age you know. Maybe all of the Israel fans and all of the so-called Malcontents should get together for a hold-hands hula dance, have steamed clams in great abundance (and if you don't like them, bring your own stuff), ---- at least one thing I think would happen, --- you'll find
people wearing smiles and there would be an air of happiness floating around from just about everyone. Great food and dance and a supply of beer and wine will melt the anger of even the meanest of sorts. Wishful thinking.

When I read your posting, Lanny, I immediately thought of an olive branch. Thank you for sharing thoughts, and likewise re-handshakes



  1. Thank you for yours, Eduardo, and I will say you convince me to give the steamers another try, although perhaps not at that Palm Beach Gardens restaurant I even went so far as to recommend! It's a funny thing, whenever I recommend a restaurant, I find they either go out of business or they're not so hot the next time I visit. I know McMenamy's in Brockton well, by the way. Have been there many times. As for MA vs. NY-NJ, I agree we have the edge, but I like a lot of those folk, and as much as I am a Red Sox/Patriots/Bruins fan, I have enjoyed the NY teams, especially the Yankees, Dodgers and (baseball) Giants of the past. I help Sam Milham with writing his sports column, and we have some interesting discussions. He is like a walking encyclopedia of sports information. It runs in the family, I see, for his brother Ted has written an article for the April Reporter.

    1. You forgot to mention the Celtics and the Revolution (if you enjoy soccer), or maybe you didn't forget. You mention the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants. Those were the days when most of your time was talking about rivals Giants/Dodgers & Red Sox/Yankees, and not about the number of people blown up in the world every day. I think the most friendly and happy people in this country are those who are into and talk about sports, -- it's fun talk, -- it's friendly arguments, -- and it ends up with smiles no matter who wins, -- and sometimes your wallet gets thinner and then the next day it gets thicker. I loved those days...Ted Williams, Bobby Orr, Bill Russell, Babe Parilli.

      I remember when I took one of my daughters to Fenway Park and the expression on her face and the look in her eyes was magic, -- never to be forgotten.

      If you do find a restaurant within 25 miles radius of WPB, -- that has steamers, like G O O D steamers, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know, and maybe we can break bread, -- or break shells and get all messy.