Monday, June 6, 2016

Bits and Piece 6/6/2016

So, look at what is happening in the world of UCO. First, off the great one sees enemies in all places. Ed Grossman throws a party to celebrate the Vets and David Israel sees it as a political thing and immediately reacts. He reacts by barring any dissemination of the info on Channel 63. This was a party to celebrate our Vets, what is wrong with that? What is political about that? Paranoia blooms again.

Now, more, Stew Richland writes a nice article about the retiring of Circus Elephants and a little nostalgia about his father and the Circus and the great editors at the Rag say the article was inappropriate. What? What is not appropriate is Joy Vestal finding political animosity in every thing we do and perhaps our friends do. She sees enemies in all places. Well, maybe she is right. Paranoia blooms again.

Republicans want the Presidency, no matter the cost. Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee is a threatening and a get even guy. He is already letting everybody know who he is after,  who he intends to punish. The list is long and getting longer. It includes most of the reporters, a Federal Judge, Hillary Clinton, etc.


  1. and the list grows daily with all those who oppose him.

  2. You forgot about the moron-the village idiot-Peter Cruise. I challenge him to list all the things he has done for UCO and the village. Probably a big fat ZERO!! Never heard him speak once at a DA. All he contributes is nasty comments. Peter-what goes around comes around. Brown nose David-that is really the best you can do.