Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The price for the Unit Owner will be about $1,000,000.(thats a Million Dollars, American)

There is an issue arising at UCO and WPRF. The issue is or should be of interest to all unit owners. The issue is about, what else? about money, specifically your money.

Here is the story.

The Air Condition system at the Clubhouse has completely failed. This is a major deal and as such is a capital expense. As such the responsibility to get it replaced belongs with WPRF. Repair is out of the question. The AC is to far gone for that. The people that should see that this expense is paid for by WPRF is UCO, specifically the President of UCO.

But he is abrogating his responsibility, as usual. He has decided that the cost of the replacement of the defunct AC system belongs to the unit owners and should be called a repair.

This is wrong. The complete replacement of the AC system belongs to WPRF and is a Capital improvement and as such should be paid for by WPRF.  It is the responsibility of the UCO President to see that this is done. IF not then he should turn it over to legal.

But no, David Israel considers this is a correct charge to the Unit Holders. I will never understand where this comes from or why. The millennium agreement calls for the repair cost to the Unit Holders and  replacement, which is capital improvements to WPRF.

So what is the problem here? This is unquestionably a Capital improvement.

Why is the President of the CV always on the side of the big money and is OK with the unit holders holding the bag.

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