Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wi-Fi in Century Village.

So the knowledgeable one says on our Wi-Fi system that whenever everybody is watching a streaming movie, all at the same time. the system will fail.


In the first place, he does not know how much reserve we have in our system, And he does not, or refuses to acknowledge,  the fact that we can increase the download speed by paying a little more. Where does Israel get off telling us this system is inadequate now and in the future and will not, and cannot meet our needs. Let's start off with the fact that the supplier of the Wi-Fi is provided by Comcast. And the contract we have will provide us with what we want and if our needs change, Comcast will adjust accordingly.

Where does Israel get the idea that Comcast is in business to have unhappy customers?

Wrong again.

He just cannot stand being told that he is wrong.

And he is!!

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