Sunday, May 5, 2013



At the delegate assembly meeting of 5/3/2013 in order to inform the residents of a new website, I placed the following notices on the table before entering the theatre:

                                      MY VILLAGE BLOGGER

There is a new blog for the residents of Century Village.

Check it out.

Get the real facts and feel free to voice your opinion.

David Israel passed by the table, grabbed the notices and screamed, WHO PUT THESE HERE?

I replied, “I did,” and we exchanged harsh words.  

I called Eva Rachesky, Vice President of WPRF to get the rules on placing notices on the table.

When she arrived, she told me that  David Israel owned the delegate meeting, and we have to get HIS permission to place notices.

I told Eva that David Israel did NOT OWN the meeting. It is a delegate meeting, and I am a delegate. Think about that! 

Eva did not say a word as we parted company. 

Do you think David Israel OWNS the delegate meeting?

Olga Wolkenstein



  1. This is outrageous. This is the equivalent of the Speaker of the House or the vice president owning the respective Houses where they preside. Eva needs to know that we, the owners of the condos own this Village and the delegates represent us, not Dave Israel. We should be able to hand out any notices in the clubhouse so long as they are not obscene or biased in the manner of a bias crime.Free speech is freedom of expression and last time I checked we are still in the USA where that is provided for in our Constitution. There are many ways to get these notices out - hang them on bulletin boards and keep hanging as some of Dave's cretins remove them.Go over Eva's head and get that statement in writing and sue her for violating your rights and the rights of us all. Two can play this game. And Dave, I know you read this blog so think again about what you have done. If, as you keep stating you were really in the intelligence service of our country and not just in the mailroom, then you were supposedly defending our rights as stated in the Constitution so as they say - wha' happened!!!!! Even for you, Dave, this is beyond the Pale!!!

    1. Olga WolkensteinMay 5, 2013 at 8:06 PM


      God bless you!
      Your input is invaluable.
      I am so happy to know there is someone who understands the message I am trying to get out.
      I am planning an ad in THE ADVOCATE to get people to Gary's website.
      The fight for truth and justice will go on.

  2. Thank you. Olga, but I am sure there are many of us out here who feel the same way and Dave is already screaming on his website about how awful you were at the meeting and had the colossal nerve to wish to have your flyer available. He is quite defensive about the mater. Interesting how he enjoys freedom of expression isn't it? The Advocate is a good idea.

  3. Not "OWN"- "PRESIDE", hence the title, President. This is probably what Ms. Rachesky meant. WPRF does not get involved in UCO business and Mr. Israel is the elected presiding officer of the organization and the assembly. It is not the job of the clubhouse manager to referee between the members of a club, the club members have to work it out among themselves. Ms. Racheskys' job is to keep the place clean and keep the air conditioning running.

  4. Then she overstepped her bounds here, as did Dave. It was neither his right nor his prerogative to remove a flyer from a member in good standing of Century Village. The content was objectionable only to the coterie of Dave followers. Others would like to hear from other opinions and that is why they will not vote for no term limits. We are not a banana republic where an election becomes an election for life. Check the zip code - it is within the USA> And if members are not allowed to work it out because there appears to be a dictator, then what is to be done? I, myself, am anxious to hear from Dave and would like answers to questions that have never yet been given. What? Well, how is the testing for the second phase of the paving? How is the paving holding up by test standards? How exactly was the money paid out and what are we going to do about the faded, barely there lane markings? I can think of many more? And, of course, why can we not see flyers of others. Last time I checked noone appointed Dave their legal guardian with power of attorney and parental rights over us.I had a wonderful set of parents and would now like to have an open and honest, aboveboard president of the Village. Perhaps we have one. He is certainly capable of many good ideas but there is more transparency needed. A lot!

  5. Don,
    Please do not presume. Eva clearly said, HE OWNS THE MEETING. If as you suggest, she did not mean to say it, then it MAY be possible that it WAS a Freudian slip of the tongue and in her subconscious, she sincerely believes that Mr. Israel is the almighty OWNER of the meeting. In which case, he even has her bamboozled.
    WPRF is NOT a separate entity. It operates in conjunction with UCO. This is why there is a meeting with WPRF and UCO each month. Maybe, you should attend one.
    If you are really interested in finding out what the rules are regarding the clubhouse, I suggest we hold a town meeting to discuss the issue rather that you're presuming and assuming what is and what is not. After all WE, the residents pay ALL the bills for the clubhouse, including salaries and why shouldn’t WE have a say in establishment of the rules.

  6. "OWN", "PRESIDE"- a semantics argument with obvious litigious overtones.

    The Delegate Assembly is a monthly meeting of the UCO Board of Directors. WPRF, or Cenvill Recreation, has no representation there. UCO has no representation at the private board meetings of WPRF or Cenvill Recreation. There is a monthly meeting between representatives of these separate entities.

    "If you are really interested", "you should attend a meeting". An old, sarcastic, and timeworn line used to discourage, silence, and disenfranchise seasonal or non-participating homeowners. Doesn't work anymore. As a CV homeowner, I can access core documents, including the Millenium Agreement and the condominium documents of my own association. I can, and do, watch the monthly Delegate Assemblies in my living room. I can voice my opinion, and ask questions on the internet. I can, and do, make my concerns known to my Delegate. All of these capabilities became available to me after 2008, and it is no longer neccessary for me to "attend".

    1. Dear Don,

      Maybe you should get off you butt and ATTEND some delegate meetings.
      There are certain nuances that occur at these meetings that are not fully understood because of the inaudible voice in David's VIMEO. Also the inability of the secretary to record each spoken word omits much information which can only be heard live at the delegate assembly. This is not a cliché, this is a fact.
      Kudos to you for reading the millennium agreement. If you read it carefully you would know what a fiasco it was. How come you are not writing about that. Your only claim to fame is sitting at your computer to attempt to denigrate anyone who is trying to bring honesty to the village.

  7. There is a big difference between own and preside and if you do not know the difference how about this - You may preside at a family meeting but you own your condo; you do not own your family, nor do you preside in your condo. Big difference. No one is silencing anyone except for Dave and his one sided blog and his buddies who are the only ones allowed to comment on there. Again, it is a shame because while Dave has done some good for the Village, much is negated by the negative attitude towards dissent from his stands and opinions. To accuse all who disagree as wrong, incompetent, etc., etc., smacks of the attitude seen in Third World dictators. Shouting down opponents is not the right way to govern or answer or NOT answer questions. Discussion and compromise is. By the way, without mentioning names there are those of Dave's clique who constantly tell everyone who disagrees with them, particularly Olga, to move if they do not like the Village government. So, again, where is the maturity and civility in a supposedly adult disagreement? Got me! Also by the way, we are entitled to know where and how the money is dispensed and how these decisions are reached. That is a given forgotten by the present administration.

  8. Eva Rachesky is being consistent in accordance with the rules. Several months ago I asked to give out 'stop term limit' papers. I was told I would need "permission from the person running the meeting" ok.
    We have bylaws and regulations to keep the village running smoothly. Only a few, commenting above, do not read or follow our rules, they prefer to claim anything they personally want is a RIGHT - followed by loud yelling and demonstrations of ignorance .
    Would Olga want one of her meetings taken over by the 'stop term limit' team?

  9. Eva Rachesky and Dave are being consistent in accordance with the rules. Several months ago I asked to give out 'stop term limit' papers at a Clubhouse meeting. I was told I would need "permission from the person running the meeting" ok.
    Would you want meetings invaded by unlimited alternate groups?

  10. I essentially agree with Don4060. Someone's got to be in charge, otherwise chaos could reign. I don't know the rules on what goes on tables in a situation like this, if there even are such rules. I can't imagine there are rules saying anyone can put anything on a table at such a meeting, though. This would be opening up the situation to smut and who knows what else being handed out or displayed. I can see someone innocently putting down something, only to be told no, we need to have an idea ahead of time what is in this item and have time to consider it. In the case of Pafford's Postings, you don't need to know ahead of time, because you know from past experience (which is ahead of time in a sense) what kind of thing he's going to say. I'm just ruminating. I don't know what the law says. It may give the presiding official a very strong say.

  11. Lanny, stop ruminating and come down on one side or the other. If one group cannot hand out leaflets then another group is also forbidden to do that. I would like to see where that rule is written - got a clue, Dave? And as far as smut - wonder what those anonymous blog replies said - perhaps more along the drop dead path? You know, if either I or my siblings said that to one another did we get it - and the lesson took. Sorry, Anonymous, for a gap in your training or perhaps one that simply did not take.


  12. To Don, Elaine and Lanny

    There are no written rules on the matter of pamphlets being distributed at the clubhouse. This is a subjective decision by WPRF only. It appears that Eva Rachesky is in bed with Dave Israel (not literally, of course) on this matter and has decided that David is the master in command.

    I attended an operation's meeting recently and reminded Eva that she had not gotten back to me on a decision as to whether I would be allowed to put my notice on the table. She stuck to her guns and repeated that the matter is up to David alone. He is the one to decide what information is to be placed on the table. I handed David the notice and asked him to decide whether my notice informing residents of an additional website was going to be placed on the table at the delegate’s assembly meeting.

    Let us see how he decides.

  13. Hopefully Dave will trash it

  14. Follow up:

    At the Officers meeting recently, David Israel decided that I was NOT ALLOWED to place the notice on the table advising residents of an additional website.