Tuesday, October 22, 2013


     Do you remember the song about the little dog who has gone missing? Well, we can change the words slightly and ask, "Where, oh where, have UCO records gone? Oh where, oh where can they be?" Yes, these are the records of UCO going back to its founding, the records of meetings, of decisions, of funding, anything and everything that belongs to UCO's history.
     So where are they? Well, secret agent man who loves the computers so much that he spends all day on them doing what, I cannot figure out - decided to put all records into computer format and send them all to the cloud. What is a cloud? Simply put it is a form of data storage and can be quite useful; however, not when all hard copies have been shredded and officers in UCO who have the right to enter the cloud and check these records are not given the passwords and program necessary to do so. This is the government of a Village, not the NSA, if you actually worked there, Dave, and we do not keep secrets from our residents. Is there something you have to hide? Why are these records not public knowledge and available to those who wish to see them?

     This is part and parcel of the negative and threatening atmosphere found in UCO today. This must stop. This must be eliminated. Secrets will out. How many times have we seen that. Read any newspapers lately? Seen any internet news mags? Seen any talking head shows on TV lately? Dave, you must come out of your office and join the rest of us here at Century Village in a cooperative effort to improve our Village. Read the Mission Statement I wrote and posted and see where you have gone AWOL from it.


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