Monday, August 25, 2014

The facts ma'am just the facts

This Article should appear in the UCO Reporter,
but it wont!

This article, which is full of facts, is being written to refute David Israel’s 550 words article in his Private Newspaper, The UCO Reporter. I think the Village is entitled to a clear cut explanation of when Israel wanders from the Truth. Your comments and help in this endeavor is welcome.

One of the commenters on the other blog, has stated that "Further affiant sayeth naught.” The word affiant means one who swears to an affidavit; broadly:  deponent. This doesn't make much sense since nobody on the Private Blog is swearing to the truth of their statements, or even giving their names.

For starters let’s talk about the Reserves. It would seem that Israel has no fault here, that he just heard about this problem and is taking immediate action to handle it. The facts are that he was the one that took the Reserves, unbeknownst to anybody except the mysterious Mr. Black. He took the monies to pay the paver.

Mr. Israel says his recommendations means nothing other than he sees the need for a Reserve fund for emergencies. The facts of this attitude is the Israel’s believes we have plenty of money. There is plenty of money in the Villagers bank accounts that can be gotten at by a simple assessment.

Yes he can hang his hat on “we have 2000 surveys, there are 8500 units here so that is not even half. The questions were asked with no indication on the costs that might be incurred to get Wi-Fi.

Now for the idea of an Association Wi-Fi. Of course you may run out of Band width, that is what the President is talking about, you can always run out of band width, Comcast offers 3 different speed tiers,  for Wi-Fi speed, read band width. He doesn't say what the band width problem would be with his plan, since he will, up front, buy all the band width we would ever need, and of course we will pay for it up front.

He claims when asked by possible buyers, if we have Wi-Fi, he answers no. the truth is we as much Wi-Fi as anybody. We have 3 tiers of Wi-Fi. The problem is it has to be paid for. Don’t make me laugh that all potential buyer want a very cheap Wi-Fi or they go elsewhere.
He has to be kidding when he says the vast majority of Wi-Fi users at the pools are happy. I don’t see very many users anywhere. I see some users in the clubhouse, but these people don’t want to pay for it at the Unit.

Okay, the cameras. The real necessary ones at the gates are already there. If it is deemed necessary at the pools, they are ready with Wi-Fi. If the associations want cameras in their parking lots, they can do it with the Association Wi-Fi

What has to be done now is for the delegates to pay attention to what is right with Wi-Fi and what is misdirection by the director.

Vote for Association Wi-Fi save us all some Money.

Misdirection is for the misinformed.

The Truth will out and set us Free


  1. I totally agree. I am a heavy bandwidth user and would not even begin to consider UCO's WiFi.
    If one does research...and I have, many of the existing WiFi locations have problems. Some problems are greater than others. But the most common problem , no matter how good the Wifi is, is that there are major bottlenecks when there is heavy usage. Then your bandwidth will be as slow as molasses.
    Anyone who is really counting on the reliability of UCO Wifi will be frustrated.
    I personally know that I'll definitely opt out of this situation. If I will be forced to pay for this, I will sell, as I don't want to live in an atmosphere of a dictatorship.
    The wisest thing to do, is to make a democratic decision. Every delegate must make a spreadsheet of each association member individually. They need to include the old people,who have home attendants, who would otherwise not vote. If we have a list of "ALL" CV members and their preferences we can take a democratic assessment of our WiFi needs. Once we have a list, either side, pro or con can spot check on individual units to see if they were recorded correctly. One should not put names on the spreadsheets only unit numbers, to preserve the privacy of each individual.
    If we need to spend a million dollars we need to take the time to make sure that there is a majority agreeable to spending this kind of money. Especially when our reserves are low. We cannot rely on a few individuals who need to play some games on their many gadgets.

  2. The spreadsheets you refer to are a great idea! Then we would have a TRUE and ACCURATE view of who does and does not want this ridiculous Wi-Fi. I have my own Wi-Fi, and hopefully, my building will opt out, and we will install our own system independently. This crap that the idiot Israel wants us to do is insane for one thing, and second WE...................... CAN'T AFFORD IT!!!!!!! If he wants it so badly, let him pay for it. Several years ago, when the forms went around asking if we wanted Wi-Fi, I stated that I did. I didn't know HOW it was going to be done, but now I do, and I have had a 100% turn around in my thinking. I know I am not alone, so why not do a poll of every individual unit owner in this community? It CAN be done. It is not too late.

    1. Lets get Anitra to do it again, but this time with indication as to what we are proposing and what the Dreamer is proposing.