Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Traffic Cameras Channel 63 and the Rest of Us

Concerning the traffic cameras and channel 63 and the rest of us.

Lanny Howe said...

"I am a Johnny-Come-Lately to watching channel 63 on my computer, but I am writing an article for the Reporter on 63 and need to touch on Web access to 63. This is how you access it, isn't it? I downloaded the thing--now what do I do to GET the 63 programming to show? Perhaps I'd better bring my laptop PC to someone to be shown? Until now I've only ever watched 63 on the TV."
--Just a Country Boy" spending money like water and it is not his money-Gary
June 8, 2014 at 5:50 P

Here is Lanny Howe complaining that he does not know how to use all of the fabulous technology that Israel is furnishing the special people, at our expense. He seems to need some hand holding here.

But if you look at the comment stream, good ole Dave has maybe 10 accolades in his corner. The rest of us are left out in the cold, or at the bank. Our job is to pay up and shut up.

Is this right? Is this what we want? Are we going to keep putting up with the accolades and Dave's Friends spending all the technology money, and us not able to take advantage of the technology. Probably because we don't want or need it.

What we do want and do need is

Recall the Master

Establish Term Limits and make them Retroactive

Lets get Century Village on the straight and Narrow

Get rid of the smoke filled room boys.

Do it Now!!


  1. What a Hoot!!! All this technology and Lanny Howe the big advocate of David's technology got stuck without knowing how to view channel 63 on his computer - whats next? Is David going to put cameras in our bedrooms.

  2. Interesting thought. Just think of the names he could call people then! The Orwellian society would be perfect for him and crew.

  3. Having the cameras at the gates is good, IMHO, and can help with our security. Of course, somebody has to watch the cameras, and that should be the job of our security guards, but having the cameras broadcast out over the internet is sickening. Now people can watch the cameras to see when you go out and when you return..............leaving you very vulnerable to your home being ransacked, while you are out...............or even worse. Every day we lose more security in this village. I think this is an invasion of the privacy of the residents. Our administration gets more stupid every day. Why are these cameras being broadcast over the internet??? Exactly how is that helping our security? Could somebody please explain that to me?

  4. I have said this from the very beginning of the camera issue. In their proper place with proper usage, fine but not for the world to see not for us to bug the whole Village so Big Brother can watch. This is not NSA territory.