Saturday, March 12, 2016

Eduardo's pen name.


On March 3rd, I had a posting on the free and open blog relating to Mr. Israel’s running-for-office brochure.  I had some firm opinions of what was in print and I expressed them.  They were my considered opinions.

On March 8th, Mr. Bob Rivera posted a comment in reference to my posting and it was not only insulting, but very personal, and I, indeed, took offense.  All of a sudden, out of the blue, he is attacking me.  Why?

So, naturally, I retaliated and placed a posting on this free-and-open blog, and I admit that I was pissed because I was attacked personally.

Eventually, Mr. Olman was contacted and was respectfully requested that my posting be removed from this blog.  It was.  And, Mr. Rivera’s personal detrimental remarks were also removed from this blog.

The entire matter becomes moot.  I regret being as harsh as I was toward Mr. Rivera’s unprovoked attack and I would hope that he would refrain from any repeat performance.  However, let me be clear that should I be attacked again, I will be ready to defend my reputation and the reputation of those who are close to me.


P.S.  So that there is no more – maybe, could be, might be – regarding my pen name, -- when I was in school, I played a lot of ice hockey.  We had in our small sports town the League of Nations, and a number of these kids were Hispanic.  I was a defenseman and these certain Spanish-speaking players got very friendly especially when I was doing a good job.  I was then called EDUARD and then EDUARDO.  I fit in, -- it stuck, and I only use it now when writing about all of the nonsense happenings in the Village.



  1. I found your posting, the one that was erased, to be humorous. You sounded a lot like Art Buchwald. Good luck.

  2. It is a fact that if you watched the blogs after the election it was David's supporters who instigated the nastiness that followed. In spite of the fact that Mr. Israel and his troop won the election they continue to instigate hate.
    What do they want?

  3. Being a new owner and a new "blog" reader, could you tell me what article you are all talking about? Where can I find
    what this whole discussion is all about?