Wednesday, May 24, 2017

More Misinformation

David Israel stated on his blog that AT&T was not offering bulk video to the village. If he read my posting correctly, he would have known I did not say that it WAS offering it to OUR Associations.   I said: AT&T is offering BULK services to individual associations – they have done this in other developments. I did NOT say they were offering it to OUR associations. I simply said they were offering it to Associations – they have done this in other developments.
 I also stated in my “Breaking News” posting that NorthSky  already installed Fiber-Optics in some buildings, which were told to us by the individuals doing the survey to correct the problems with the installation in some of the buildings.

What is so secret about this installation?  Does this have any connection to Atlantic Broadband? We have a right to know all the facts before we vote. We do not want another Roadway Paving fiasco. 

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