Thursday, May 30, 2013

The following line you read will contain the two most explicit vulgar words you have ever heard.

The words are:          MANAGEMENT COMPANY    -    I mentioned these words at the UCO Officer’s meeting, and I thought David was going to have a coronary.   He started ranting about how much it was going to cost and how incompetent they are and how we would have to scrutinize everything they did.  -   Meanwhile, I was thinking about how inefficient UCO is. How, under the administrative power of UCO, we had a chance to buy the clubhouse and didn’t because we thought it was more prudent to pay one million dollars in rent each year. How we had a chance to buy the golf course and didn’t; how we strangled ourselves with a millennium agreement which favors WPRF instead of the residents. How we managed to spend five million dollars on a paving project that was not worth the one-page contract it was written on.  

You may blame the delegates for some of these decisions, but smart leadership can influence the delegates into making wise choices.

UCO had the opportunity in the past to make sound recommendations for the residents, but they proved wholly inadequate in this department.  If we had proper leadership, we may not be paying one million dollars a year to rent our clubhouse.  Each resident could be saving about sixty dollars a month in dues. If we had good leadership, we might own the Golf Course today.

Maybe it’s about time we get a management Company instead of Volunteer Officers who know nothing about running a multi-million dollar organization. I believe we can do it on the cheap. We can pay for solid professional leadership to run the show but continue to use resident volunteers to assist in the everyday mundane work. 

What do you think? Do you think it’s time to dump UCO for a management Company?

Olga Wolkenstein

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  1. I think it is an idea wrth investigating but a step that must be taken very carefully. There would still have to be a form of UCO as the management company needs to be worked with and watched carefully to make sure the financial dealings are on the up and up and that they are proactive in fulfilling their responsibilities to the Village. I believe most associations have a management company and while there are always complaints about their work or lack thereof, it is still a better idea to have them than not as witness the problem of theft of funds in , I believe, a Sussex building. The contract would need to be weighted in our favor so that we are not tied to an incompetent or dishonest company and our volunteers who work with them, as does our board in my association and in many others as well,must be sharp, on the ball and dedicated to the welfare of our Village. but still, an idea worth investigating with a non partisan committee or at least a well balanced one.