Sunday, May 17, 2015

Boca Raton WiFi problems

Century Village, Boca Raton just announced they are discontinuing WIFI services provided by DSL at the end of the month. (See announcement below)

Boca Raton has been using this service for about two years and expended a great deal of time, energy and residents money to implement it. Pulling the plug on this project is an expensive lesson for CV Boca, and a point well taken for everyone who watched and wondered how it would all turn out.

Now that we see WIFI crashing and burning in Boca Raton CV, much like the ill fated Hindenburg blimp, which was touted as a modern marvel of cutting edge technology by it's promoters but turned into one of the biggest failures in history, we have to ask if anyone would like to buy a ticket to ride the Broadband /WIFI balloon now being floated in the air over Century Village.

David Israel vigorously used Boca's example to promote his failed WIFI initiative to Century Village West Palm Beach, and is now promoting the same company that provided WIFI to Boca, (DSL) as the provider for his broadband initiative. You can call it what you like, WIFI, Broadband or whatever, the fact remains that the delegates spoke loud and clear when they overwhelmingly voted against implementing WIFI in CV West Palm Beach.

The expenditure of large sums of cash estimated at close to a million dollars to start up WIFI was unacceptable then, and is still just as unacceptable today. The whole idea was soundly rejected by the delegates in turning down David Israel's WIFI proposal. Instead of heeding the wishes of the people he serves, David Israel, chagrined by the people's rejection of his pet project, continues to press his initiative under a new name, determined to impose his will, which in this instance is obviously contrary to the will of the people.

It's time to put this whole idea to bed. The message was sent that CV West Palm Beach is not interested and would rather turn our attention to other issues that are pressing but are not being addressed. David Israel's insistence in pursuing it are indicative of his callous disregard for the residents needs and wishes. Our experience with his administration tells us that he will not give it up.
As long as he remains in office David will relentlessly pursue the fulfillment of his daydream, it defies common sense, but it is the reality of the day. He will continue to push forward with his Broadband initiative at the risk of failure and the accompanying loss of time, energy and our hard earned cash.

Mr Israel's stubborn determination to proceed with his WIFI initiative was prominent in his refusal to accept the findings of the expert he hired at our expense to determine the competence of DSL. His own hand picked expert cautioned that DSL is not capable of handling a project of this magnitude and advised against proceeding. A determination that is now being proven by DSL's failure in Boca Raton. Further to this finding, Mr Israel stated at a committee meeting that the expert and the WIFI committee know nothing, and that he was prepared to proceed in signing a contract without anyone's approval as he felt that he knows what's best.

It's common knowledge that Mr Israel is willing to proceed without consultation or approval from the delegates or the various committees. He recently engaged the services of a manager to handle the advertising accounts of The UCO Reporter without consultation or approval, spending almost $10,000.00 of residents money that was neither budgeted or approved or even discussed among the delegates.
These actions are in contravention of fiduciary duty, they are also in contravention of our bylaws by ignoring requirements binding UCO to reserve monies and to disburse funds only in the amounts indicated in the various accounts approved by delegates in the budget.

All this turmoil could have been easily avoided if David Israel had followed proper procedures in getting approval to spend our money, and listened to the recommendations of the engineers and experts he hired to analyze this project.

Let's not be deceived by the hyperbole and the rosy promises being offered by promoters wishing to fill their pockets. Let's not get carried away by the tide of David Israel's verbosity. In moving forward we can expect Mr Israel to continue to attack those who do not comply with his wishes by castigating them and maligning them with labels of being malcontents and troublemakers rather than addressing the issues they raise.

The recent statements by the sheriffs department will deter David Israel from threatening to have people arrested for speaking out.
The latest occurrence where Phyllis Siegelman, Chair of the Investigations Committee, a voting executive of UCO, and HOA President, was cautioned by the police to refrain from attempting to destroy information being distributed under the guise of protecting residents, should deter further attempts at censorship by the administration.

The broadband proposal should not be considered at delegates assemblies. The defeat of the WIFI initiative conveyed the message that Century Village is not in favor of proceeding. Bringing it back under a new name and a new look is a thinly disguised attempt at subverting the will of the people. In denying any movement on the new WIFI/BROADBAND proposal we fully expect the reaction from the chair to include the usual sarcasm, shouting down of speakers, claiming delegates out of order and shutting off the microphones if they persist in their objections or their opinions if they do not conform to David Israel's views.

Delegates would be well advised to be prepared for this behavior, not objecting to it or staying silent is a passive form of support.
Mr Israel should be instructed by his supervisors ( CV Delegates) to stick to the duties assigned to him. He was not voted into office to chase his own pipe dreams and pet projects with our money, it's time to let him know that if he doesn't listen to the common sense being voiced by residents we will engage a new public servant who is willing to serve and comply with the will of the people.
                                    WIFI INFO
                     At Century Village Boca Raton
       Residential WIFI services will be discontinued
         at the end of our contract with DSL Express
                             Effective May 31st

Posted by Edward R. Grossman

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