Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crooked, who me?

I'm not a Crook

Richard Nixon, President of the United States, said “I’m not a crook”.  It was, indeed, proven that he was and he resigned from office.
To all of the followers of David Israel, note well, -- Israel is a crook.  The documents that have surfaced, brought forth by Olga Wolkenstein, reveal that he lied and lied again in order to fix the UCO Presidential election.

Dan Gladstone lost the election by two votes.  David Israel retracted, in writing, his extremely damaging statements about Dan and 1st Priority Contractors.  IT WAS TOO LATE!  In a written document, Israel apologized over and over again with respect to each and every allegation he made.  Again, it’s like he killed them both, and then said, “I apologize”.
For fear of getting sued, Israel HAD to apologize, because if he didn’t there would have been a monstrous judgment against him for defaming Dan Gladstone and 1st Priority.

But, you can’t just say “I apologize”.  Extreme damage has been done.  You can’t just ruin someone’s reputation, and kill it for someone to get work in Century Village and other Villages, and say, “I apologize”.
The people who believe in David Israel have been suckered into believing he is a good president.  The truth of the matter is that those very same people say, - okay, we can get rid of him, but name somebody who can replace him.  The at least 50% of the people who voted for Dan Gladstone, who believed for 12 years in only doing the right thing for CV, should beg him to return.  He’s been damaged so badly by Israel, that in all probability he would decline.

Israel  is a very shrewd man, and he knows by his computer skills how to get you if he wants to, but he doesn’t represent anything that CV stands for – THE PEOPLE!  Yes, Mr. Israel fixed a practically dead tie election and he is a crook.  Demand, everyone, that he resign, - get him the hell out of here.




  1. Thank you Eduardo, you and Esther are to be commended. You are both in the forefront of knowing who the real David Israel is. I hope the hell the rest of the people in this village wake up from the dead and get on the bandwagon to start a DUMP DAVE PETITION.

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  3. I have to admit that I'm terribly disturbed and shocked by actions of a man who is supposed to be highly intelligent, that he would stoop so low as to fix an election by methods primarily used to destroy both a person's and a company's reputations.

    The real problem I'm having is that he got away with it. Without that most damaging letter by Mr. Israel, I could visualize Dan Gladstone winning by a 70% to 30% margin.

    You, Eduardo, compared Mr. Israel to former President Nixon as both being crooks. You are right on target about that, but my opinion is that the word crook is too dainty for Mr. Israel. What he did was incredibly wicked, and in my eyes, criminal.