Wednesday, September 3, 2014



Recently,   two free standing signs were stolen in front of Northampton R-S.  One read: SUPPORT HE LAWSUIT AGAINST DAVID ISRAEL AND UCO and the other, OPT OUT OF WI-FI. When I reported the theft to the police, the officer in charge asked me if I suspected who might have stolen them. I told him it may have been any one of David Israel’s ten closest associates because they opposed my politics.  Thanks to Ms Elaine Brown’s confessional piece on David’s number of two blogs, I have narrowed the list to one.  Ms Brown IS a close associate of David and admittedly expressed joy at the disappearance of the signs; therefore, it is only natural to  place her at the top of the list of usual suspects. 

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  1. I think Ms. Elaine Brown has graduated from suspect to perpetuator!