Sunday, March 20, 2016


We know from experience any company, which calls itself “HONEST” as in THE HONEST BALLOT COMPANY which David Israel hired for our recent UCO election is not a guarantee  the company is, in fact, honest.   The name is frequently used to fool people into thinking they are dealing with a company that has a reputation for being above reproach, but in reality, is not.  It is also commonly known that some of the biggest crooks call themselves HONEST - Remember Richard Nixon.  

David posted the results of the election on HIS blog, but the problem is: “WHO” was the person or persons that took the results from the machines and put them on a piece of paper? Was it Ed Black, who was seen running back and forth between Room C and the Theatre? Was it anyone of David’s cronies who are on the election committee?  Remember, no one from the opposition was on the election committee.  If you are wondering why no one from the opposing side was present to verify the tally, you must ask David Israel.  We believe he has a responsibility to answer this question, and if he does not, we must question the results of the election.

We must not be fooled into thinking the election was honest simply because machines were used.    


  1. Was there anyone present, other than Ed Black, to verify the results of the voting machine when the numbers were transferred to a piece of paper?

  2. David Israel is mum on this question.