Sunday, August 14, 2016

Channel 63

 Posted by Betti Bleckman

Perhaps you could insert this, to remind the villager's just what channel 63 was created for...

In addition,a second channel was created ( currently unused ..Future use "Selling commercials" to the "Outside " community) noted that 63 itself, is NOT current, (several outdated announcements still appear....Goes to show, the "efficiency of those "Running, or is it Ruining"

our so called "Education or Informative" channel....much like our current "Rag" formerly known as "The UCO Reporter"

Will the above channel the village has come to rely upon revert back to the 'Olden Day's' of Club announcements etc.? Due to the resignations of both Kitty & John Gregg, to whom we owe heaps of Gratitude, for not only their time,talent and dedication, to improving both sound & picture quality & Comcast equipment, FINALLY brought up to Parr, after several attempts by other's who failed to accomplish what John Gregg, managed to do in a two-week window in addition to the variety of programming, that had been offered to inform and entertain our resident's, no longer exist?

Channel 63 BELONGS to the ENTIRE Community. Political messages, other than Club Announcements have not appeared to my knowledge. it was kept civil, informative & entertaining, as it should be, however, there are those, who due to an interview, conducted by myself, over one month ago, which has been aired, more than once, with the President of one of our Book Club Review's has now been deemed Unacceptable" All parties involved pre production, including myself, would not have WASTED our time on an "Unacceptable"project. Remember, we all FUND THIS CHANNEL

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