Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Boys and their Toys

So the Great Foobar is happy, he has started to use his Wi-Fi. He has put all the cameras up on the Internet via Wi-Fi and all is well, so far

 Don4060 said...
"hah! this is great! I was going to order from Pizza Roma but now I am calling Paisanos so I can see them come through".
September 13, 2014 at 5:25 PM

One of the Great Foobar's followers is so happy he has changed his take out-order from one that delivers to the Haverhill gate to one that will deliver to the Okeechobee gate so he can watch the delivery guy on Israel's Cameras. Can you believe it? Remember who is paying for this.

Sensible? Useful?  Well spent money?  Absolutely NOT!

This is the kind of nonsense that we have to put up with when we let the children get at the money.

I expect to see more of this as time goes on. Each time it happens, it costs. You and Me!

Wi-Fi answers a need, but "Campus Wide Wi-Fi" is not it. We, that is all of us, need and should have Wi-Fi, but Association way is the way to go. Reasonable, low cost Wi-Fi. It should not be used as a expensive toy.

Lets stop Israel and his selfish causes.

Recall or Re-establish Term Limits

Do It Now!!


  1. from what i see...there is not too many people that oppose him!!!
    i guess he has been getting away with all of this for a long time....and most sheep will accept it...shame

  2. Well, the people opposing him are growing in number but we always need more so people must speak up and not leave it to the few who dared to take him and his abuse on. Where are people ready to run for Executive Board this March? They need to stand up and throw their names in the ring.