Thursday, March 16, 2017


I feel privileged to have received an official certified letter from David Israel informing me that I was dismissed from the Advisory committee. Marilyn has also received one as will  Marcia when she receives her mail.  Unfortunately for the Chair of the committee, she received her dismissal via lonely email.  Are members of the advisory committee more important than the Chair? -   Something to ponder.

Another piece of news:  Besides allowing Marilyn, Marcia and Olga on her on her committee, the Chair also installed George Pittell, David Boas, and John Hess -  the first two David endorsed for executive board, and John Hess is a UCO officer and a supporter of David. Does anyone smell a dirty trick? I do. It obviously appears that anyone who opposes David is “TOAST,"   and anyone who sides with him, gets the full plate of ham and eggs.    Is this any way to run a village?  Is David so afraid that any opposition will bring changes to the Bylaws that will benefit the residents?  I do believe that’s true and I have some wonderful ideas that will do just that.

Stay tuned Folks!!!

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